Tips for keeping your skin moisturised

Moisturising can keep your skin healthy and nourished, ensuring you look your best and radiant with self-confidence! We all want beautifully smooth skin and Veet can help you achieve this. Many Veet products contain moisturising ingredients, like our hair removal creams with Lotus Milk, known for its softening properties. So you’ll have not just smooth, but silky-soft, nourished skin – and hair regrowth feels softer, too.

Here are some other great tips that you can incorporate into your beauty routine:

  • Hydrate your skin from the inside out by drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses (1.5 to 2 litres) of water every day.
  • Use a good moisturising cream. You can use a light cream during the day and give your skin a treat at night with a rich moisturiser. This is especially important in the winter months when skin can be prone to dryness.
  • Exfoliating is great for removing dead skin cells. Most skin can be exfoliated once a week, but if your skin is sensitive, exfoliate every fifteen days.
  • Protect against UV rays by wearing sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days.
  • Long, hot showers can dry out your skin so if you can bear to do so, keep the water temperature cooler. You’ll be reaping the benefits in no time and it will all seem worthwhile!
  • Use Veet Hair Removal Cream instead of razors. Veet cream not only removes hair, but moisturizes your skin at the same time.